Monday, January 11, 2010

International Goofy Week

I christen this week, International Goofy Week in honour of my goofy mate, Gazza who shouted the bar all night on the weekend to celebrate a big birthday. Thanks Champ!
One of our floorless (and flawless) camping surfari's when it was OK to drill a hole in your fin to attach a rubber rope. My pintail flyer on the far left. Gaz's orange Jim Pollard adjacent to the foam esky. Classy!

One night we were cruising around Mooloolaba being teenagers and nothing to do during the iron fisted reign of the Bjelkie-Petersen regime, checking out the surf shops, when we saw the keys to Jim Pollard's surf shop still in the door. Of course we rang him up and waited until he picked them up. Our reward, a poster each. I think mine was a crystalline backlit Pipeline. Whatever happened to Jim???