Sunday, January 31, 2010

Anon Anon Anon

A picnic beside the Superbank last century. BYO china teapot, cups and card table. Left to right: Nana Brine, Hughie, Aggie, Frank & Aunty Clair - Greenmount 1949. Photographer: Anonymous.

Anonymous surfer with a hint of post-Mark Richards wounded gull arm movement scraping the wall at Tea Tree while I tread water with a 35mm film camera.
Somebody else's Nana outside a pub across the road from the interstate train station. Continuing our anonymous thread while up north a cyclone fizzles out then reforms like a high tide monster backwash sending it's spray over a million square miles of Brinetopia. 
Astute observers may have noticed a new link to John Maloof's site dedicated to the late Vivian Maier, a possibly French born resident of Chicago who passed away in 2009 leaving over 100000 medium format black and white negatives of Chicago street scenes of the 1950s and 1960s. According to the blog, she was virtually anonymous in her hometown. Maloof is resurrecting her work and organising the processing of another 15000 images probably from the 1970s. 


  1. ...another great photograph! something about getting the shot on 35mm is so much more rewarding when you're swimming around, don't you think?

    glad to see that you've found maier's work as well, I found maloof's site a few months back, some damn fine imagery!

  2. many thanks for the feedback. maier's work is soo inspiring, she's a one lens wonder
    swimming amongst the action is something else that's for sure
    PS checked your site - nice work happening there. Might reference your "film is hard" quote if that's OK

  3. reference away; but be sure to reference D. Menuez whom spoke it first