Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Textish Tuesday (13-12-11)

Kowa SE 35mm SLR (c1964)

Shot as part of my series - Von Vintage.  This has probably been the most popular print of the series so far. I’m currently exhibiting the work and selling prints from this series online.  

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Image above by Mark Lobo of VonVintage
Text #1 "Not big. 3 feet. just in the middle of nowhere. no one out"
Text #2 "Some nice small water at OV headland this morning. hope the stitches go well."
Text #3 "Hey neilo how's the face? Hope it's OK. Got some good waves yesterday at karamas."
Text #4 "If you pitch your tent they will come. Just got in from an excellent session on the point."

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