Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Foam Symmetry Review

Harrison Roach (above) is a phenomenal surfet on long, short or wood. So I was happy to see him on the cover of Australia's latest surfing magazine. It's a bold move, putting your time and money into establishing another surfing magazine at anytime, let alone in these post-GFC, post-analogue, post-post-modern, post-Elvis times.
But that hasn't stopped Justin Bevan delivering Volume One Number One of the mag foam symmetry.

I can't show any photos from that issue as the editor's words are quite clear: "Copyright is reserved and the scanning of pages to be placed on websites or blogs is prohibited". (And as one who has had their own images infringed upon - karma will get you - I take these things seriously!) I can tell you the production values and Oz print job are sumptuous. I can tell you that after flicking through its 77 pages that I wanted to grab my old film cameras and go shootin and loggin at the same time. 
I can tell you that Issue One does not appear to have any shots of WCT type shortboarders shredding Pipeline/Off-da-wall/MystoIndo/Todos/Chile/Superbank/Jbay.
I can tell you that the mag is planned to be delivered quarterly and you can subscribe for four issues for $35Au. If I was a surfin sista, I might be disappointed. Then again maybe not as the shots of all the fellas are pretty impressive. BUT (and this is my only beef) where are the sista surfers, guys? There's a double page hang five of Kassia Meador and a half page shot of Sasha Leitmanis and that's it for the girl surfers.
But don't let this put you off. It's early days for these ultra-hip media-mogul sliders. Get yourself a copy and make up your own mind.

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