Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life in the Jungle

"Somebody's got a knife
You better get yourself a gun
The junkie on the corner
He ain't havin' any fun
He just might decide to kill you
And you won't be the only one
That's life in the jungle"
from Life in the Jungle by John Mayall

Art will set you free. So they say. In downtown Medelin, Columbia one woman is doing her bit to channel youthful energy away from guns, drugs and death. BIG shout out to Tatiana Gomez of the Bestia Extra├▒a Gallery, book, music, apparel and Toy store for providing inspiration to emerging artists as well as community spirit and pride. 
If the GFC has left you in some resemblance of financial health, pump some money into the creative economy and the folks that sculpt clay, canvas, sound or foam.

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