Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dirty big shark

One morning we were anchored in the deep pass between Pasta Point (above) and Sultan's reefs. The surf guide had told us not to paddle our boards across the channel from our boat to the reef (200 - 300 yards) because it was at least 100 feet deep and there were tiger sharks and other critters down there. 
Well, we followed that instruction pretty closely - until this one day when a huge whale shark appeared out of the depths and in a lazy mood started doing a few laps under our boat. Almost everybody donned goggles and fins and joined the beautiful leviathan before it returned to the other sharks down in the inky blue black. Even the Maldivian crew. I don't recall the surf guide getting wet in the channel, though.
BIG shout out to our shipmate "Rimo" who shot the pic below.

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