Thursday, September 8, 2011


People tell me that there's a place in the world for SUPs and that they are great for developing fitness, especially on small days. I thought cycling, running, yoga, skateboarding and weights would be enough to supplement fitness on flat days. People tell me that the SUP design has a lineage going right back to The Duke and the Waikiki beach boys of the 1920s. I see a clever marketing ploy to increase sales revenue for merchandisers. I see bloated boats spoiling the aloha in the line up. I must be a slow learner.


  1. everyone that paddles by me, I hear the same snippet of conversation, "I lost two inches off my middle!". I have to admit that a 11'0" has a place in the quiver but for now I stick with the mat.

  2. is that a stand up mat with an inflatable paddle?