Thursday, June 23, 2011

Night blogging

There's a video still somewhere on this blog I shot using a home made underwater housing while riding one of my boards backhand and wearing my biggest heaviest steamer suits. That session produced some great footage and a shoulder injury that has never completely healed. Most of the time it's fine. But last weekend I strained it the wrong way tieing a board to the car roof, resulting in a visit to the chiroprator and a delayed  blog. 
So I thought I might try night blogging instead of dawn blogging. I have no empirical proof, but in the blogosphere everybody seems to be at it at night causing frustrating slowness and author boredom. So I have ditched night blogging and am now pounding away in the pre-dawn dark while a 20 year old oil heater kicks out the 6 degrees cold.
- 0 -
Harry Roach gets the electric kool aid acid test treatment above, while Rando-man, gets the same at the same spot, same season, different angle. Have a great dawn patrol - Coolangatta currently 5 degrees and Tewantin a balmy 6. I'm off to do some shoulder stretches.

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