Monday, June 27, 2011

Multi Tasking

I'm cleaning my teeth while the dishwasher earns it's keep, while the computer obediently batch processes numerous images into suitable formats and the washing machine again ponders the cycle of life for cotton. All this multi tasking frees up enough time for me to flick quickly through Simon Anderson's book Thrust and steal a few backward glances to those carefree days when my surfboards went from one to two to three fins.
And of course last word goes to big Mr Anderson:
"I've been working hard for many years.
I went to Japan three to four times a year 
for 12 years and shaped 
15 boards a day for 10 days straight.
I've worked hard over the years, 
so I want to shape less, 
but I still enjoy the creative process, 
especially when it's a board for myself"

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