Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Holy Fin vs Holy Deck

Caught up with a bunch of my brine brothers last night for dinner and tall tales at an inner city hotel. There was earnest discussion about board design, including the mini-Simmons seen first in Oz in the 70s (see above). There was banter and bruhaha about the desirability or otherwise of buying new logs as opposed to classic old logs via eBay. In between beverages and steak chomping (and sometimes at the same time) we managed some post-modern dialectic about how wrong it was to deliberately drill holes in decks or fins in the 21st century. And as usual we talked story about epic wipe-outs and sundry salty disasters including the newish one from Dave about the chap out at First Point (looking serene below). Apparently he was knocked out by a beginner and was saved from drowning by his pony tail, when a SUP-er dragged him onto largish hull by the hair. 
Nice T bone, Melbourne Hotel. Thanks guys for maintaining The Stoke.

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