Thursday, March 24, 2011


Nava Young going left on a right hand point last week and this morning's beautiful dawn, shot while standing beside the old silky oak desk I used to study at as a kid. Today it's piled with the detritus of our holiday including:-

stickers for Rhythm (one with a handscrawled blog address for Marc Llewellyn)
a Cyrus Sutton business card
a stack of ATM paper thingees
a Johnny Depp "Pirates of the Caribbeen" Pez dispenser Emma gave me
a brochure for Phil Jarratt's online beach house surf collectables emporium
a stack of USB sticks
two folders of 120 format monochrome negs that are waiting to be scanned
5 rolls of 35mm film that are waiting to be processed
a neglected scanner
two external firewire drives
a freebie pen from the government
an empty plastic grocery bag
And that's just what I can see without poking it too much.
Might just leave the room, shut the door and tidy that up later

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