Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Film x Sunshine

Got a strange effect when I got some film back recently from the lab. Not sure if this was chemical residue from sloppy processing or the effects of our hot weather or something else. It only appeared on one out of 36 frames. So I'm discarding hot weather. Whatever the cause, it's growing on me. Shame I was so bloody-minded back at art school when they wanted me to learn how to process colour. And I didn't. There's now a dwindling number of folks processing film now. Never too old to learn I suppose.


  1. How far along the film was this shot? Looks like the film got wet before processing or something to me...

  2. Hi Rebecca, Many thanks for you post. it's frame #35 out of 36. The last one is fine. Looks like I better start learning how to process colour. Hope it's not too dark and chilly over your side of the globe.cheers Neil