Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bad Bank. Good bank.

In the last week, there's been a lot of words spewed with venom from the mouths of those in debt to the big banking companies over here regarding the massive profits the banks are making and the interest they are charging us for money they get off other people. Surfers even have joined the fray. Not a lot we can do but roll with it. Knuckle down. Pull the belt in and find a nice friendly bank made of sand.
This post is for my goofy footed brine brothers - Rev Dean, Mexican Steve, Mark "the comb" and Andrew "the twin" and this random surfer from a couple of days ago. Here's to Good Banks.


  1. The only good bank is a sand bank!

  2. I suggest we hit the bank for a business loan to print stickers (decals?) to generate profit to deposit funds back in said bank to derive interest on which to pay tax and therefore fulfilling and fully discharging our social responsibilities. And stickers would feature empty A frame peak with words under " the only good bank is a sand bank" you read it here first