Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kerbside Kleanup

Every couple of years, the authorities in Brinetopia declare "Kerbside Kleanup". It's a great opportunity to recycle, scrounge or re-aquaint oneself with the flotsam and jetsom that modern living attracts.  There is magic in the air. No sooner do you throw that old pile of wood you were saving for that project onto the kerbside, then somebody drives past and swoops it up.

Sweet recycling at the grass roots level - until a declared date when workers arrive and take away the stuff that nobody wants. And so while cleaning out an old wooden cupboard, I came across an A6 diary that my bank used to provide (for free) dated 1987 - when I rented a place right on the beach and rode a casual 10 minutes to work on my 5 speed mountain bike.
The diary had daily notes of the surf conditions back in the day. For this week in October 1987 the diary indicated:
"Excellent surf my place. Super glassy. Surfed The Pocket and Maroochy Pipeline. Nikonos of Richard Hughes. Sunny. Shares sliding. Bad storms - Uncle Ron loses roof. Impeccable surf at Sunshine Beach. Tape tapes of 60's for BBQ. Big night. Seedy. Rain Thunder. Quiet day. Black day stocks crashing."

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