Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jack and Tony

Jack and Tony have never met but have had a big impact on me. They both ride surfboards - on the other side of the planet from each other - one in the north Atlantic and the other in the south Pacific,
Jack runs a fantastic blog called Salt Stained Eyes, where he showcases wonderful, surf related photos he shoots with cheap plastic toy cameras.
Tony is an amazing logger, artist and photographer who has loaned me his 1968 manual everything Nikonos II camera.
Thanks guys for your generosity and sharing spirit. Slide on! Middle shot is Andrew Dale on his Classic Malibu 9' 6" Jai Lee noserider model.
Mental note to myself: wear a helmet next time.


  1. neil you are on a roll with this recent run of post images- love the tonality and the snappiness of t hese images- thanks for the shout out- hopefully i'll get down your way- i got a good friend living down there and she's always trying to coax us away from the states

  2. cheers Jack - you're welcome

    Noosa Festival of Surfing 2011 - lots of waves, legends, sunshine
    bring plenty of cameras

    Then again I need to see NYNY before I lose my marbles

  3. love that camera. its become pretty much my every day camera... check some of my pics

  4. nice pics, mate - i love the "flying board" shots
    you got some brilliant land shots going on there too