Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Probably before you were born there was a wonderful concert in Madison Square Garden, New York featuring a legendary lineup of rockers and rollers - Bob Dylan, Leon Russell, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Ravi Shankar and Ringo Starr to help a bunch of poor folks on the other side of the planet whose lands had been devastated by Nature.
It was the Concert for Bangladesh (check it on iTooons or ask your folks) and probably the first of many monster aid concerts. It raised a lot of money but there's still way too many folk we share this planet with who can't even get a safe mouthful of water to clean their teeth, let alone adequate food and medical attention.

It's been said by many of those that don't wallow around in the brine as much as ourselves that surfers are a selfish bunch, devoting way too much life time to the selfish pursuit of Stoke - chasing the hedonistic pleasure of carving, riding, sliding or rolling along on air mats, four fins, two fins, no fins or just our hands and feet. Working only as much as will fund the next board or adventure. Connecting only with those who live in our insular briney bubble.
So here's a chance to prove the naysayers wrong by putting some of our hard earned cash into helping a bunch of folks we'll never meet, who probably don't surf and probably have divergent political and spiritual beliefs to us. Because we can. Let's help the folks in Pakistan via the Oxfam website.

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