Sunday, September 5, 2010

F1_11 @ F11

How many of us will be able to say that 500000 people came out on an overcast night to see our retirement farewell? After 40 years of service, the Aussie airforce has traded its fleet of F1-11 fighters for something way more shiney and way more expensive. And a big crowd rolled up for the show last night.
I shot a 54 second timelapse of this hardy old aircraft as it did a U turn above us while doing a"dump and burn". I wasn't worrying about reciprocity failure or hyperfocal distance. I was thinking that this was the end of an era, that started analogue in 1970 and Vietnam. I wanted to clap and cheer.  Not for its killing capacity, for it was a weapon of mass destruction. But its testament to efficient industrial design and longevity in this digital era of inbuilt obsolescence and turnover based profits. And then I pondered, even if you can move at the speed of sound, even if you're the shiniest in the pack, eventually your day will be over. This post is dedicated to our old mate Greg who left us unexpectedly last week. RIP mate.