Thursday, August 19, 2010

One for Utah

I'm always on the look out for interesting graffitti - by which I mean something that I respond to emotionally or intellectually (depending on the way it's lit and how much caffein is in my system). I don't normally shoot or really understand the point of the meaningless scribble tag thing that I'll see on bus seats, fences, street signs and old derelict buildings like this one in the heart of BrineVegas, our capital city. As a surfing blogger I do accept that we all need avenues for expression and thrills.
I have never done graffitti. Part of my interest in it stems from my observations of the radically changing environment from Byron Bay to Noosa as old trees, properties and buildings that housed a million memories are torn down to be replaced by sleek, rendered cubes, carbon munching highways and high density dwelling towers. Shooting some of this stuff is my small attempt at keeping the memory alive.

I saw this magnificent wall of thoughts, styles and opinions while wandering from one formal (expensive) art gallery to the next and had to capture the quote from Utah Phillip's an American Christian Anarchist, folk singer.
"The earth is not dying.
It is being killed
And those that are killing it
Have names and addresses."
As we stroll into the ballot boxes on Saturday to cast our votes for the Australian Senate and the Lower House (ie the leader of the country), the area of social justice seems to have fallen off the radar of the two parties that have the monopoly on power here. We used to pride ourselves on giving everybody a "fair go". I pray that the election campaign is not symptomatic of a creeping malaise of greed and selfishness.

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