Friday, August 13, 2010

Going Vertical

Am reading former Tracks editor Phil Jarratt's entertaining and informative story of the global surf industry Salts and Suits and chanced upon this anecdote from Bob McTavish from last year when he was making the movie Going Vertical:
"I'd had a dream not long after the stowaway voyage to Hawaii and in it I was riding a shorter wider surfboard and I was turning it straight up the face of the wave and then off the top and back down to the bottom."
" I'd broken the straight line and was going vertical on the face of the wave, but I knew that there was no surfboard known to man that would do that. That became my passion - to design a board that would go vertical - and in early 1967, I knew I was getting close."
Thanks Phil and Bob and Mr Brewer and Mr Greenough, Mr Simmons and all of the other pioneers whose thoughts and visions we reap today.

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