Monday, October 19, 2009


Team Brine have been on safari for the last four days, so apologies for the Intermission. Shot a lot of stuff - but alas no surfing. Details to follow.
Meantime here's another entry on the cornucopia of craft that are not 6'2" white thrusters - a kneeboarder and mate hooting from the shoulder. This one is so old that even I'm not sure where it is. I found it in one of the many yellow plastic Kodak slide film boxes that I have carted from my folks place to mate's places to my own places over the last 30 years. I'm guessing maybe Point Cartwright around '87.
Then again it could be Granite. Nah, no Cooloola coloured sands on the horizon. That settles it. This is definetly Cartwright. Just don't ask me the name of the rider.

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