Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best. Toilet. Ever.

There are many who would consider surfing a frivolous pursuit - sitting around, moving along a wave then paddling out again to sit around for a while. Over and over. And there would be many that would consider painting the inside of a toilet in low-brow outsider style even more frivolous.
I'm not one of them. Like the Comicstore Guy would say,
Thanks to Sam from Frats for letting us shoot his designer (not) bathroom.
Thanks to Zach Kachad for the graf-art.
Spring 2009


  1. no stencil was used. that would the equivalent of tracing, it was all freehand with paintpens, random garbage, glue and spray paint. took me a week without sleeping on a diet of great pasta and beer. thanks for showing this work i totally forgot about it.

  2. hey thank you Zach and as you can see it hasn't been demolished in the name of Progress. Actually funny shooting it as people kept coming in to use it as a toilet and wondered why my wife and I were shooing them away saying "we're taking photo's here"