Friday, February 10, 2012

The Power of One

I was watching a doco on free-to-air TV about The Power of One author Bryce Courtney and was heartened by the fact that the close up shot showed he was typing even worse then me.
But then the shot pulled back wide and the guy is 78. He says he's had three knee reconstructions, heart surgery, divorce, lost a son, worked in Zambian copper mines and he's probably got arthritis to boot. No wonder he's typing worse then me.
But he's published 20 best sellers in 20 years (No I haven't read any of them). Now that's inspiring.

We all have some great yarns to tell and the telling gets longer and more interesting as the years swing past. Watching that old author pounding away reminded me that you can't leave this creativity gig too late in life to start. I'm going to assemble all those chanced overhearings, family myths and my own badly remembered misadventures and mangle them into my own fictional bio called "Caffein, Cameras and Commuting". There will be special mention of nefarious hijinks. . .not sure if people will still be reading books by the time I get to 78 though.
Have an inspiring weekend.

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