Friday, July 1, 2011

Hayden Long

The name Hayden is synonymous in these parts with Hayden Kenny - a Sunshine Coast surfboard builder since the 1960's when he employed a couple of young fellas called Bob Cooper, Russel Hughes (RIP), Darryl "Rooster" Dell, Algie Grud, Bob McTavish and George Greenough.
Another icon up this way is seller of surf memorabilia and all manner of shells and seaArT, The Big Shell at Teewantin - one of the original Big Tourist Attractions. Owner Tim tells me that it also started in the mid-sixties. That's Tim and his watch dog below outside the Shell's entrance (the big shell of course) with a prized Hayden board from the early era. Tim is calling it a day and selling The Big Shell property and business so if you want a sea change and a piece of Noosa history get in contact with Tim to negotiate a deal. Big thanks Tim for sharing your time and your beautiful old Hayden.


  1. Particularly nice fin on that board.

  2. Biggish greenough with the old skool multi-colour/multi-layer look